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Welcome to the 2019-2020 FAU High School Application

Before initiating the online application for admission to Florida Atlantic University High School, visit our website at for a detailed explanation of the process and criteria to be admitted into the FAU High School program. Select incoming freshmen or transfer students (current freshmen and sophomores only) to access the the admissions requirements. Please gather all pertinent documentation for reference. The application requires self-reporting of student academic data in addition to family demographics and income information. The entire application must be completed in full in order to submit the application and be considered.


Please gather the following information and supporting documents before proceeding with the online application otherwise a miscellaneous document must be uploaded to bypass each section which requires specific documents. The document needs to be replaced later on if applicable. (Admissions Checklist):   

  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP)/504 Plan - consult with the applicant’s public school if necessary                             

  • Un-weighted GPA Requirements (based on the core subjects English, Social Studies, Science, and Math): 3.6 for incoming freshmen and 3.8 for transfer students (current freshmen and sophomores only)

  • Math Requirements: Algebra 1 (and Geometry preferred but not required) for incoming freshmen and Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 for transfer students (current freshmen and sophomores only)

  • 2017-2018 Report Card                        

  • 2018-2019 Most Recent Progress Report/Report Card (grades from Quarter 1 at least must be entered if applying for the Early Round deadline of November 15th)

  • State Standardized Test Scores (may not apply to those who are home-schooled, attend a private institution, or moved from outside the U.S.)

    • Algebra 1 EOC (if applicable) - minimum Achievement Level 4

    • Geometry EOC (if applicable) - minimum Achievement Level 4

    • FSA Math from Grades 6-8 (if applicable) - minimum Achievement Level 4

    • FSA ELA (English Language Arts) from Grades 6-8 (if applicable) - minimum Achievement Level 4

    • 8th Grade Statewide Science Assessment (if applicable) - minimum Achievement Level 4                

  • ACCUPLACER: ALL applicants must take this college readiness diagnostic assessment to apply to this program. Schedule an Appointment at the FAU Testing Center in Davie (954.236.1220/1532) or Boca Raton (561.297.3160) - Monday to Friday at 9am or 1pm and extended hours if posted. Select ACCUPLACER in "Choose a Group" → ACCUPLACER, WritePlacer® or ACCUPLACER/WritePlacer® in "Choose an Exam." Both tests do not have to be taken at the same time. A non-expired state approved ID from the DMV or passport is required to take the test. The score report is given immediately after. Use this link from CollegeBoard to practice as a resource. These scores must be entered prior to submitting the application. The ACCUPLACER and WritePlacer® must be taken by the Early Round deadline of November 15th or the Regular Round dealine of February 1st. Those who take these tests after the November 15th deadline will be considered for the Regular Round. Those who take these tests after the February 1st deadline will not be considered. Each section of the ACCUPLACER may only be taken twice, and the WritePlacer® may only be taken once. The ACCUPLACER may be retaken 15 days after the first test date. The cost of the ACCUPLACER is the same ($33.50) if the applicant needs to retake one or more sections. If the applicant needs to retake one or more sections of the ACCUPLACER after the November 15th or February 1st deadline, the second set of scores may not be considered since the admissions committee reviews applications once the deadline approaches. We encourage the applicant to apply even if he/she does not meet the minimum score. All candidates' applications are looked at holistically.

    • Four (4) Subtests of Classic Version – Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, Elementary Algebra, WritePlacer - This version only applies to out-of-state applicants.

      • Minimum for incoming freshmen: 90 out of 120 in Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, Elementary Algebra and 4 out of 8 on the WritePlacer

      • Minimum for transfer students (current freshmen and sophomores only): 100 out of 120 in Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, Elementary Algebra and 4 out of 8 on the WritePlacer 

    • Four (4) Subtests of Next-Generation Version – Reading, Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS), WritePlacer 

      • Minimum for incoming freshmen: 265 out of 300 in Reading, Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS) and 4 out of 8 on the WritePlacer®

      • Minimum for transfer students (current freshmen and sophomores only): 280 out of 300 in Reading, Writing, Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS) and 4 out of 8 on the WritePlacer®

  • SAT/ACT Score Report (optional) - cannot be used in place of the ACCUPLACER/WritePlacer unless from out-of-state or outside the U.S. if the ACCUPLACER/WritePlacer® is not offered in the vicinity of the applicant's residence

  • Applicant's Résumé (list of extracurricular activities, awards, and research areas of interest) 

    • Please refer to this resume sample as a guide. The applicant is not obligated to use this format. This is only to be used as a reference.       

  • Applicant's Personal Statement (minimum of 1-2 pages: explanation of why the applicant wants to attend FAU High versus another school)   

  • Applicant’s Discipline Record (if applicable)                                                                                                                 

  • E-mail addresses to automatically send recommendation requests electronically within the online application - paper forms via mail or attachments via email are no longer accepted. There are restrictions on certain school email accounts (e.g. charter and preparatory schools) which may interfere with the individual receiving the link to the recommendation form via email. Please ask for the individual's personal email if this is the case.

    • Minimum of 2 core subject teacher recommendations - teacher recommendation form must be sent

    • Minimum of 1 recommendation from the principal or guidance counselor - principal/guidance counselor form must be sent

    • Electronic recommendations are confidential. The applicant and parent/guardian waive their rights within this application to not have this information disclosed. This is noted on the recommendation form to inform the teacher and principal/guidance counselor.

    • Additional recommendations NOT requested electronically may be uploaded within the online application as a supplement in the "Additional Information" section.   



  • ALL documents must be uploaded within the online application as a PDF ONLY. A paper application is not available.         

  • The application can be completed and saved, but not submitted prior to the applicant taking the ACCUPLACER and WritePlacer®Revisions can be made before and after submission up until the Early Round or Regular Round deadline by logging in and clicking on the FAU High link or the edit button next to this link on the dashboard. Select the appropriate section on the left that needs to be edited. 

  • If the applicant is not offered a seat in the Early Round, he/she is welcome to update the application. The application is automatically rolled over to the Regular Round deadline of February 1st to be reviewed again.    

  • A.D. Henderson applicants only need to upload a progress report/report card. A screenshot from FOCUS will suffice if a paper copy is not available. A transcript is not necessary. For home-schooled students, a record of the grades needs to be provided and crafted by the individuals who instruct the student. We recommend that the student create a portfolio with their coursework.                   

  • Each recommendation form is composed of different questions. Please make sure to send the corresponding form based on the position of each selected individual and enter the emails of the teachers and principal/guidance counselor correctly on the recommendation request pages. An automatic notification with the site to the recommendation form along with a password will be sent to the provided emails immediately. Please advise the chosen individuals to check both their inbox and spam to verify that they received an email from

  • The status of each recommendation is viewable when logged in and the recommendation sections are selected on the left.                             

  • The online application must be SUBMITTED & COMPLETED IN ITS ENTIRETY to be considered. The applicant and parent/guardian must initial at the end and click the submit button once the application is complete. Applications are reviewed immediately once the deadline approaches.                       

  • Contact the FAU High School Help Desk at or call 561.297.4707/3970 if you need any assistance. 

Note: If the applicant previously applied to A.D. Henderson University School or FAU High School, the same log-in credentials must be used to complete an FAU High School application for this school year otherwise an error will be displayed stating that the applicant has an existing application when attempting to create another account or new application.

Application Deadlines: Early Round - November 15th and Regular Round - February 1st at 11:59pm

Priority is given to those who complete and submit the application on time with all supporting documentation. 
                             The application is available until June 1st, however there is no guarantee applications submitted after the February 1st deadline will be considered.

The application can be submitted without the recommendations being completed but need to be done as soon as possible (by the deadline) since applications are reviewed immediately.

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