Florida Atlantic University High School

Florida Atlantic University High School (FAU High School) is a public, dual enrollment high school on the campus of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida. FAU High School serves grades 9-12 and although the school is not part of the Palm Beach County School System, it is recognized as a public school under the auspices of the State University System. The school has been awarded an "A" rating since its inception in 2004.

FAU High School is unique by the advanced coursework and classroom setting that 9th graders participate in. FAU High School prepares all students to transition to Florida Atlantic University, as 10th graders, where they complete the rest of their high school coursework and begin their undergraduate degrees in a major of their choosing. A typical graduate of FAU High School earns three years worth of college credits towards a bachelor’s degree.
Applications are open on September 1st each school year. The early round deadline is November 15th and the regular round deadline is February 1st. Although the FAU High School application remains open until June 1st, there is no guarantee the application will be reviewed or considered if submitted after the final deadline of February 1st. Priority is given to those who complete and submit the online application on time. 

Florida Atlantic University Schools is a national exemplary model for school systems and teacher preparation programs improving education for diverse student populations through innovative, faculty-developed research and curriculum.